Tuesday, April 12, 2016


~ Greetings and Warm Welcome ~
to my blog!

I hope this finds you all well and wonderful!
It has been a busy few weeks, so let's get started....

This past weekend...
I was lucky enough to be able to attend a retreat of a closed group of ladies that call themselves, 
The Hoosier's Stitchers. 
I have been a member on-line of this group for years, but with my kids young and my working on the weekends, I just never attended a retreat, until this past weekend!
WAHOO! It was so much fun!
Here's the Name Tag Necklace I made myself :

My Name Tag

We had a whole lot of fun....just relaxing and stitching, stitching, stitching!
I taught a quick class on cord making :)

The weather could have been better, it was wet, icy and cold...but inside there was warmth, fun and LOTS of laughter!
I don't have one blasted picture to share with you because I was too busy flapping my jaw and stitching :)
I started and finished a project though!

The Gilmour House Sewing Tray
by With Thy Needle and Thread ~ Brenda Gervais
stitched on 30 ct. Weeks Dye Works Cocoa linen
using Belle Soie Icing by Classic Colorworks

WTNT Gilmour Brothers_front

WTNT_Gilmour Brothers Coverlet 

WTNT Gilmour Brothers Sewing Tray

I have the sewing tray....but honestly, I wanted it a little larger and I am going to frame it. 
I love how it turned out. But I'm going to be honest. I thought I'd have this knocked out in NO TIME...but it took me two days and one evening of stitching nearly constantly!
~ minus jacking my jaw and laughing hysterically ~
There are more stitches in there than what you think!

We had a dirty Santa game...
that was an optional experience, but I chose to participate. 
Participants had to choose items related to stitching that were:
Just Because
and your MUST HAVE stitching accessory.

I got to thinking real hard and I chose:
Must Have Stitching Accessory: Thread Heaven
Just Because: Puffin Needle Minder ~ Dragon Fly
Chocolatey: BIG bag of Hershey Nuggets
Shiny: Two packs of Bohin needles
For Froggy: A Project Envelope
My Froggy Project Envelope

For Soft: A small accessories envelope
My Accessories Case

For Hard: A Floss Tag
For Dull: A Pincushion
My BEE set

My box was stolen three times which was the most times one box could be stolen and the winner was Sandi Gomez. I hope that she loves the box as much as I loved creating it for her!

I got a lot of sweet colored flosses, a sweet small scissors, some aida and a gift certificate to my LNS!! The creator of my box was Jodi! Thank you Jodi! :)

On the Homefront....
we were just notified that Miss Ellie is one of the five finalists for 4H'er of the year 2016!!!


How proud do you think I am?..........

And this doesn't seem possible....
but in about 5 weeks, this girl:


will be a graduating Senior from
Bloomington High School South
Class of 2016

Does not seem possible.
...and writing it makes me want to cry.

What else has been going on?
~ finishing for my lovely clients ~
I'll let the pictures do the talking....

LW_Shepherd's Bush Mary's Stocking finished for Julia PG_Friendship Flatfold front PG_Friendship Flatfold PG_Memorial Pillow front PG_Memorial Pillow back PG_Merry One JP_Brooke's Books Advent 8 and 9 JP_CCN Merry and Bright JP_CCN O Come JP_Ho Ho Ho JP_LHN Sampler Tree JP_LHN Tiny Skater SR_Halloween Pillow CM_SHSW Calico Sampler Wall Hanging CM_Summer House Stitche Workes _Calico Sampler Hanging MD_AB_Charlotte MD_Chessie and Me tuck MD_Janette Douglas Designs Pincushion MD_JBW Mary Had a Little Lamb 
MD_PSS_Winter Wiener

Until next time....
celebrate every day because, every day is a gift from God!
Be kind...
Hugs in Stitches,
Vonna xxxx

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Happy Easter!

~ Greetings and Warm Welcome ~
to all my friends and blogging buddies!

Today I have to share...
a little Easter Gift with you.

You remember my Project Envelopes?
I love them for all my projects and they are so nice in my WIP basket and not to mention fun to fill with all my current (and languishing) projects


My Market Basket Filled with Project Envelopes

Project Envelopes (January 2015)

Well I have decided that since Easter is on the way...
and Spring is here...
and it is a time of:
and all of us are rejuvenated from a long winter...
that I would share how I make my project envelopes in a new

My Easter, Spring, I'm glad you are my friend...
gift from me to you.


and remember...sharing is caring...
I give this freely and with good will.
Please give my time, creativity and work credit. If you use my tutorials for your own projects, I think that is wonderful!
I love to teach and being generous with my time and talent that God has blessed me with, is what God wishes me to do during my time here on earth...
That is why I create tutorials of written and video content...to share and help, 
but it is only kind to give your teacher the credit for your learning and new skill.
Don't you agree?

Until next time...
Have a Blessed Easter!

Love and Hugs in Stitches,
Vonna xxxx

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Spring Break....

~ Greetings and Warm Welcome ~
to all my stitching and blogging buddies!

And a green and lively...
Happy St. Paddy's Day to you all as well!

Last week on March 8...
in an effort to keep life lively, we scheduled the three big kids to have oral surgery for removal of all 4 wisdom teeth. We don't have dental insurance so in an effort to maintain costs for three surgeries we went "in network" of our health insurance and traveled to Indianapolis to Indiana University's School of Dentistry and three Oral Surgeon Residents performed the surgeries all at the same time, different rooms ;)
It went well even though they were all a little loopy. Indianapolis is about 1 hour from us, so we zipped up, had it done and zipped back. It was an adventure to say the least, they were bleeding all over the place and by the time we had their pain medication filled they were all three hurting. They stayed home the rest of the week from school and basically just took their pain meds and slept. 

I made lots of mashed potatoes and milk gravy....

Here they are the day after surgery...

My poor babies....
Miss Ellie was photo bombing :)

Last Thursday evening...
we happened upon a really good deal on a used 2012 Toyota Camry. We are in need of another car as we would soon have 3 teenage drivers...
so we went and took a look and a test drive and came home with...
the Black Knight

The next day I was at work...
and my cell phone rang. It was my mother-in-law, and she knew we had been looking for a car. 
Well she didn't know we had purchased the Black Knight so she was telling me about this car that she saw at her Doctor's appointment and had talked to the owners (because while she was kicking the tires they walked out...) I told her we bought a car last night, but Keith needed to get rid of the heap he was driving to replace it, but she should call him because he listens to her and doesn't to me.
I went back to work and forgot all about the call until about 2 hours later, my husband calls me and says....
I think we need to go look at this car. 

24 hours later we came home with the Bling Mobile, a 2012 Toyota Avalon Limited, fully loaded (it's so loaded it's almost ridiculous). The owner passed and we purchased it from her daughter, she had been trying for 3 months to sell it and was happy to have it off her hands. (The Green Van in the background is what Keith was driving at the time. The next day I sold it to a person I worked with.) In 48 hours we had purchased 2 new to us, single owner vehicles and sold our old heap) WE never, ever do anything like this.

Good thing we got our car situation fixed because the boys received their driver's license on Monday, March 13. 
Tuesday, the boys and I spent it driving around putting in applications at various places around town for them to get a part-time after school job. It worked! Today they both have interviews at Kroger to be cashiers, baggers and cart getters. 

Let's hope this will be them after tonight's interviews :)

We are in the midst...
of Spring Break here in good ol' Bloomington Indiana!
We have at least had mostly sunny days, still cool, but not cold :)

Yesterday morning...
we got up before the sun to go bird watching at our local Monroe Reservoir. There are nesting bald eagle pairs at the lake and I so want to see them. We went and saw thousands of crow, lots of loons, many mallards, a gaggle of turkey vultures gliding on the air and two Great Heron, but not a bald eagle to be found. :( 
I got a really great photo of the sunrise, though....


and we found a mess of Southern Indiana geodes.


When we got home we cracked 'em open...
the white one is the prettiest. I added them to our rock garden :)


The kids....
celebrated Ice Cream Cone day by letting Dairy Queen give them a free twist on Tuesday.
My little sweeties....


My buddy in Illinois...
that I've never met in real life, but sure do love and know we'd be bestest buds if we lived closer, Suzanne sent me a FB message telling me she was remembering to
 "..watch The Twisted Stitcher twice and cut once..."

Suzanne Learning

She did one heck of a job watching....
because this was the result that afternoon:

Suzanne's Chicks Rule created by using my Video Tutorial

Suzanne, they are utterly gorgeous, you are a master finisher!
Just proves what I've said for years...finishing is easy, all it takes is time, practice and patience.
I've got another finishing video (or two, three, more) in the works.

I've been model stitching and finishing...
so I don't have anything to share of my own this time.
But I do have finishes to share that I have created for my clients in my Finishing Cave...

Bent Creek's ~ "Leaf Pumpkin"
finished as ditty bag.
FW_BC Owl on Pumpkin

Thread pack from Little House and Classic Colorworks
called "Spots of Christmas" finished as a Flatfold.
FW_CCW+LHN Christmas

Lizzie Kate's "A Little Liberty" finished as a tuck pillow.
FW_LK Little Liberty

Shepherd's Bush "A Warm Heart" finished as a photo box insert.
LN_SB Warm Hearts Box

Another box top, sorry don't know the name of this one.
LN_Threads of Friendship Box Top

Some more Lizzie Kate tuck pillows.
CS_LK Friends

Notforgotten Farm Punch Needle projects...
CS_NFF Kitty Punch CS_NFF Punch

Some large custom pillows...
Tribal Cats
...and Little House Needleworks "Freedom"
MD_LHN Freedom

and just finished today...
Heart in Hand "Joyful Journal ~ Wee Ones"
made into sweet little tuck pillows. 
SF_Heart in Hand Wee Ones Journal

Well folks...
if you made it this far, I applaud you!

Until next time...
I'll be keeping my hands to work, my heart to God...
while I love my neighbor as myself and trying to be the best ME I can be.
I want to BE the change I want to SEE in this world.
Treat people right...
because you just don't know what THEY are dealing with.
It is so hard, I know, and I fail and you will too...
but try, try again! 
We can do anything we put our minds to!

Love in stitches,
Vonna xxxx